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The Blueprint: Vinyl LP

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Release date: 8 December, 2014

The Blueprint may be Jay Z's most captivating record since Reasonable Doubt, but its predictably detached mood reflects the master hustler's superior ability to trick out lackluster subject matter with lyrical complexity and brief flashes of manufactured introspection. The Blueprint, a solid mix of preprogrammed radio hits ("Izzo," "Girls, Girls, Girls") and better-than-average mid-tempo compositions ("Never Change," "Song Cry"), confirms the Brooklyn rapper's legendary status. Blistering flames of the Queensbridge/Jay Z feud fan high with "Takeover," a direct attack on Nas, set over the Doors' rock & roll burner, "5 to 1." "Renegade" provides the album's only full-on guest appearance.

Jay and Eminem take this opportunity to address haters (within the industry and in the general population) who don't understand the mind of an artist. Jigga spells it out on the title track: "Reasonable Doubt--classic, shoulda went triple." The Blueprint might not be quite on par with Reasonable Doubt but it is reasonably good. --Rebecca Levine


Side A
1    The Ruler's Back (Album Version - Explicit)     
2    Takeover (Album Version - Explicit)     
3    Izzo (H.O.V.A.) (Album Version - Explicit)     
4    Girls, Girls, Girls (Album Version - Explicit)     

Side B
1    Jigga That N***a (Album Version - Explicit)     
2    U Don't Know (Album Version - Explicit)     
3    Hola Hovito (Album Version - Explicit)     
4    Heart Of The City (Ain't No Love) (Album Version - Explicit)     

Side C
1    Never Change (Album Version - Explicit)     
2    Song Cry (Album Version - Explicit)     
3    All I Need (Album Version - Explicit)     
4    Renegade (Feat. Eminem) (Album Version - Explicit)     

Side D
1    Blueprint (Moma Loves Me) (Album Version - Explicit)     

Vinyl LP
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