Big Sean

Finally Famous (10th Anniversary): Deluxe Vinyl 2LP


Release date: 21 January, 2022

Back in stock and shipping early December

Def Jam US are pressing a 10th anniversary, remixed and remastered, vinyl of Big Sean’s ‘Finally Famous’, mixtape. This version also features a new track ‘Freshman 10 (Freestyle)’, among original tracks ‘Marvin & Chardonnay’, ‘Dance (A$$) ft. Nicki Minaj’ and ‘My Last (ft. Chris Brown)’. It’s never previously been released on vinyl, but has sold the following in the UK: 2.9k CDs, 9.4k album downloads and 17m UK audio streams, since release in 2011.

Disc 1: A-Side
Intro (Big Sean/Finally Famous)
I Do It
My Last
Don't Tell Me You Love Me
Wait For Me
Marvin & Chardonnay
Dance (A$$) Remix
Get It (DT)
Finally Famous

Disc 2: A-Side
Memories (Part II)
Live This Life
So Much More
What Goes Around
100 Keys
Freshman 10 (Freestyle)

Vinyl LP
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